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Welcome to Gymnastics Plus. Congratulations for caring enough to invest in your child's future physical development and guaranteed increased self-confidence. We are pleased you have chosen our gym for your child. We pledge to uphold our philosophy which is to teach gymnastics and tumbling in a fun, safe environment and raise your child's self esteem. Our lesson plans and curriculum are guided by this philosophy.

Our staff is looking forward to teaching your children and allowing them to have fun in our clean, safe atmosphere. Thank you for your confidence in our programs and me. I promise to deliver a professional business in every sense of the word. I pledge to astound you! If we do, please tell others. If we don't, please tell us.


Gymnastics Plus offers many different programs for your family.

We have six main departments: Tumble Bear Pre-school Gymnastics, School Age Gymnastics, Ninja, Competitive Girls Team, Tumbling/Trampoline, and Child Care Programs.  We also have a VPK and pre-k program offered at the Lynn Haven location.


Additionally, we have fantastic birthday parties and fun nights (parent's night out) that we offer on the weekends


During Christmas Break, Spring Break and the summer months we offer day camps from 7:00am-6:00pm. 


Our beachside location does not offer an competitive girls team or the VPK and pre-k program.


Our Recreational Girls & Boys Program is the next step following our TumbleBear Program.  The ages include 6 years and up.  In this program we move into our star program which offers skill goals for each individual child.  This creates a fun and motivating way to learn.


Our tumbling classes focus on skills done on spring and foam floors.  Our coaches take students through skills, drills, and different levels of tumbling from beginner forward rolls to handsprings, back tucks, and more.  These classes are great for children who are looking at doing acrobats for dance, cheer leading, or gymnastics without the other events.


Our TumbleBear program offers a variety of activities to help grow & strengthen your child's physical & social development.  Our classes include songs, beginner level skill learning, trampoline, obstacles courses, & are great experiences for mom, dad, and child.


We pick up from most elementary schools and some middle schools.  Our program is set up to engage your children in activities in a fun, inviting atmosphere.  Plus, your child gets one free gymnastics or tumbling class each week. 


Open for pre-k ages. Gym time with free play and a bounce house.  This program does not provide gymnastics instruction and parent involvement is required.