Tumbl Trak: Homenastics - Tumbling Mat

I know not everyone has a panel mat at home but most of the skills included do not require a panel mat.  Most skills are pretty basic but for those gymnasts with siblings I'm sure they would love to be a coach.  If they try to make their brothers and/or sisters go do rope climbs I apologize.

Tumbl Trak is hosting daily Homenastics workouts on their Facebook page.  Follow the link to learn more. Tumbl Trak Facebook

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Splits and Handstands

Splits - go through left, right, and middle splits two times, holding each split for 1 minute.  **front toes pointed, back knee is facing the ground and back heel is to the ceiling, hips remain square and they are not resting on their front leg**

Handstands - 2 minute total handstand and wall handstands. **(one gymnastics, two gymnastics, three gymnastics) Only counting while holding the handstand.  Each time they come out of a handstand the counting stops and when they kick back into handstand the counting begins again.  Wall handstands can be done with their back and stomach against the the wall.**

How many places can you find to split?

Post pictures on their social media to share with their teammates.

March 30th - April 3rd
April 13th - 17th

Splits, handstands, and bridges can be done weekly preferably even daily.  Refer to previous weeks if you need the numbers and times.

This weeks workout will require some weight (canned vegetables or bottles of water will work great).

Begin this workout with a 3 minute jog (around the yard, down the street, or if you have lost all sanity back and forth across your room)

arm raises to 90 degrees in front (palms down) 2x8

arm raises to 90 degrees to side (palms down) 2x8

arm raises to overhead in front (palms down) 2x8

shoulder press (raise the roof) 3x8

squats 3x10

arm raises to 90 degrees in front (thumbs up) 2x8

arm raises to 90 degrees to side (thumbs up) 2x8

russian twist 3x20

End this workout with a 3 minute jog and 30 second plank hold on elbows.

Try to get this workout in 3 different days this week.

April 6th - April 10th

HIIT Workout (high intensity interval training)

Full body and fast paced but does not drag on and take forever to finish.  It will be 16 consecutive minutes of workout and rest.  Simply start the timer and begin.  No equipment needed.  Parents and siblings can even join in on the fun!!!

1 minute of exercise followed by 1 minute of rest

going through the list twice

Will work on getting some videos of these exercises posted but until then refer to google and youtube.

Push-ups (1 minute)

Rest (1 minute)

Russian Twist (1 minute)

Rest (1 minute)

Squat Thrusts (1 minute)

Rest (1 minute)

Flutter Kicks (1 minute)

Rest (1 minute)

Bridge - hold bridge for 15 seconds, 3 times, doing 5 leg lifts (each leg) on the last bridge hold

Splits - For left and right leg splits.  Pick a leg to start with, place the heel of the front foot on the couch and the knee of the back foot on the ground.  Keeping the hips square and front leg straight and toes pointed reach out and try to touch your chest to your front leg.  Hold for 30 seconds and switch legs, do 2-3 sets on each leg.  Regular middle splits this week.  Tip: for your middle split do them against the wall so your heels, back of legs, and bottom are against the wall as to keep a nice straight line.

Do not forget to post and share with teammates.

Weekend Trivia - April 11th & 12th
Activities for Week April 13th - 17th

No Printer No Problem. Get those creative juices flowing...

April 20th - 24th

8 (in pike -use couch, bed, etc) HS push-ups

20 jumping lunges

10 sec. bridge hold

12 laying leg lifts

10 diamond push-ups (index & thumb touch)

12 squats

8 3-point sit up (left, right, middle=1)

go through the list 3 times

Splits - L, R, M for 1 minute each x2

Remember those handstands...