This program holds classes at our beachside facility and is operated, managed, and ran by others not affiliated with Gymnastics Plus.

American Martial Arts, Inc.

The New Generation in Martial Arts

Richard Higgins

Senior Chief Instructor/President


"Knowledge in the mind. Honesty in the heart. Strength in the body."

American Martial Arts has been a mainstay of martial arts education and community involvement in this area for close to 20 years.  Our service to the community has included supporting local & national charities such as the American Cancer Society, Northwest Florida Blood Center, Sacred Heart Foundation, American Heart Association, Special Programs for Special Kids, Inc., Catholic Charities, and Beach Care Services, to name a few.  Along with our core art, Tae Kwon Do, we integrate other martial arts into our self-defense curriculum such as Judo, Arnis, Kobudo weaponry, Hapkido, Muay-Tai, & CDT (Compliance Direction Takedown).  Give us a call today and see how American Martial Arts can make a difference in your's or your child's life!

Martial Arts training ages 4 & up

Weapons Training

Fitness Training

Leadership Skills Development

Our children's program is quite unique.  Our skilled and enthusiastic instructors are bound to get results out of any child at any age.

The Tiny Tigers program (ages 4-6) is designed to challenge the student while channeling the child's instinct for fun.  This class will provide your child with a structured environment preparing them for the school classroom.

The Youth program (ages 7-11) goes a little more in depth as we focus on a more challenging and disciplined technique specific curriculum.  Children in this program receive a broader spectrum of application skills as they are reinforced with the morals & values becoming of a future Black Belt.

Our Teen program (ages 12-16) gives our community's teen population a positive activity with goal oriented life skills development.  It also gives them an opportunity to interact with a positive peer group while they train in not only how to defend themselves physically, but mentally & emotionally as well.

Our Adult martial arts program is one of a kind, along with getting in shape & staying fit we also offer the opportunity to learn practical no-nonsense self-defense in a relaxed atmosphere.  It is also a great way to relieve stress and anxiety brought on by day to day living.  The great thing about martial arts is that you do not have to be in shape to start training.  You start training to be in shape!

The Fitness program is a "boot camp" style workout involving resistance band training, cardiovascular exercises, kick boxing, strength and endurance training, & plyometrics.  With high energy music and a wide variety of training drills this class is guaranteed to start your day off with a kick!

Other programs include Weapons and Leadership training.  Weapons training is only available to those who are at least Brown Belt and 9 years of age and has shown dedication & integrity in the classroom.  Leadership training begins at the Brown Belt level, as well, at the age of __ and teaches the student leadership skills that they may not have the opportunity to develop in other sports programs.  We feel that leadership training is vital to a child's ability to succeed in their future work envirnoment.

Tiny Tigers

Ages 5-6 (White Belt - 2nd Grade Orange Belt) 

White Belt Youth

Ages 7-11

Beginners Youth

Ages 7-11 (Yellow - Orange Belts)

Intermediate Youth

Ages 6-11 (Green - Blue Belts)

Advanced Youth

Ages 7-11 (Brown Belt - 2nd Grade Red Belt)


Ages 12-16 (White Belt - 2nd Grade Red Belt)

Black Belts

All Ages


Ages 17 yrs & up


Ages 9 & up (must be at least Brown Belt)

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Lynn Haven Tel: 850-769-1155



1816 Allison Ave

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Beachside Tel: 850-249-1155

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